For anyone wishing to launch their own betting company, working with our international betting company opens them a wide choice of options.

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Open cashier account

There is simply a 100 USD deposit required to become a cashier (the equivalent in local currency).

Make deposit

The cashier player's entry is 0.1 USD (or analogue in local currency)

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Make withdrawal

For cashier players, the minimal withdrawal is 4 USD (or equivalent in local currency)

Earn commission

Commission for player deposits begins at 5%, while for player withdrawals, it is 2%.


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How It Works

We urge you to start your own business and join Mostbet Shop, the company with the quickest global growth.

Consider that ten of your friends want to bet but are having problems funding their accounts through their banks or other payment methods.

You receive money from these ten friends, and then you utilize our app to top off their balances.

You get compensated with a commission for this replenishment.

For instance, 5% commission. Your commission, which will be sent to your agent account, will be $5 if your friends contribute $100 to their accounts.

You receive a $2 withdrawal commission when they request to withdraw their earnings.

You always make money whether they win or lose.

You’ll only spend $93 the next time your friends bring you $100 to finance their accounts because you already have $7 in your own.

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Do you realize that becoming a Mostbet Shop agent entitles you to a number of advantages, including lucrative commissions? One of the most well-known betting networks in the world, Mostbet, is giving regular people the chance to work for the online sportsbook as agents.

Mostbet Shop Agent: How Does It Work?

Mostbet has been offering online betting services for over ten years. When this global corporation invites people to serve as its agents, that is undoubtedly a huge deal as many gamblers can attest to receiving the bonus from using the Mostbet promo code.