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You can use an unique mobile app we’ve created to receive deposits, send payments, build up your own agent network, and make money. It has a straightforward design and is accessible in English, Bengali, Hindi, Uzbek and Russian. You have your own business in your pocket! With the help of our software, you can: – Accept deposits and fill up players’ balances – Process withdrawals from users’ accounts and give them cash – Establish your own network of cashiers for a particular area – Enter new markets and launch a business in a new nation – Draw in new players.
Also, you can sign up in our affiliate program to get income from each player’s loss.

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Mostbet agent apk

The first agent authorization in the Mostbet Cash Apk

1. The user opens the application Mostbet Cash.

2. The user enters his email, password and cashier ID received from Manager in the appropriate fields.

For example:

E-mail – [email protected]

Password – 123456

Cashier ID – C1234

3. On the next page, the user enters a new password at his discretion and confirms.

Mostbet shop app recovery password

Password recovery 

If you want to change your password, click on “Forgot your password?
Your new password will be emailed to you. (Look in the folders: inbox, all mail, spam

Do not share this new password with anyone else this will keep your account and money safe.

No one from the company will ask your password, if someone asks you, know it’s a scammer

Mostbet shop app telegram

Top up the cashier’s account in Mostbet Cash

For the cashier with BDT currency

The user declares his desire to replenish the cashier’s account through official communication channel

Mostbet shop app telegram bot

Telegram communication channel

Press START and you will be immediately contacted by an operator

How to top up Mostbet Agent APK in Bangladesh

Mostbet shop app top up

The operator, in accordance with the payment method chosen by the agent, sends the agent the wallet numbers of the corresponding Top Up agent for transfer. Currently bKash, Nagad and Rocket methods are available.

Mostbet shop nagad

The Agent makes a transfer to the chosen wallet, for example

Mostbet shop app main page

The cashier agent logs in to the Mostbet application and clicks “Deposit cashier account”.

Mostbet shop app top up method

Two icons will appear in the new window – Selection a deposit method:

  • Bank Transfer (it means local method: Bkash, Nagad, Rocket)
  • USDT (Cryptocurrency)

Choose the method what you prefer.

Mostbet shop app top up request

The operator, in accordance with the payment method chosen by the agent, sends the agent the wallet numbers of the corresponding Top Up agent for transfer. Currently Bash, Nagad and Rocket methods are available.

How to top up Mostbet Agent APP in USDT

Mostbet shop app main page

To top up your account via USDT click on the button – “Deposit cashier account”

Mostbet shop apk top up usdt

In the new window, click on the USDT icon.
At the bottom you can select the ERC20 or TRC20 system.

Mostbet shop app new

After clicking continue, you will see a QR code and the number of the wallet where you want to transfer money, copy the wallet number.

After that, if you visit the area for funding your account and select either the erc20 or trc20 method, you will see the real exchange rate.

By reloading with the digital currency, you may remain completely anonymous, and we’ll pay you for it. You may ask your manager for instructions, but the form is actually fairly straightforward.

When the appropriate time arrives, your account will be reimbursed with compensation once you complete this form and return it to our support team or your manager.


C _____ F _____

Date of Transaction:

Method of payment: USDT

Currency + Transaction Amount in USDT:

Local currency transaction amount plus currency:

Picture of the payment:

Amount of the award in local currency:

Being anonymous is now advantageous.

Mostbet agent binance

Go to your crypto stock and make a transfer, after a couple of minutes you will receive this transfer to the balance of your account.

How to make a deposit to a player

Mostbet shop app main page

Player Account Deposit

The client (player) comes to the MBC cash reception location.

Passes the cash to the cashier and informs his player ID.

The cashier logs into the Mostbet Cash app and presses the “Deposit Account” button.

Mostbet shop app deposit player

Agent enters the player ID in the “User ID” field.

For example:

User ID – 12345678

Mostbet shop app deposit player bangladesh

In new window will be “Depositing “, where Mostbet confirms that such a player is registered in the system:

User ID – is the player ID number

Name – is the the player’s surname and name, therefore, by entering the player’s number, you will be sure that the data is correct.


Mostbet shop app deposit player bangladesh amount

The cashier enters the deposit amount in the “Amount” field and confirms the operation by pressing the “OK” button.


Mostbet shop app deposit player bangla

After you confirm the deposit transfer, the funds will be debited from your account and will appear on the player’s account at the same second. The cashier is the fastest way to deposit.

Mostbet shop deposit for player

The Mostbet account displays the player an information top up with the text “Your account was deposited via Mostbet Cash for the amount of 1000 BDT If you have any questions, please contact support: Telegram Email”

How to withdraw at MostBet Agent

How to withdraw at mostbet shop

Withdrawal of funds by the Mostbet Cash method is available to the player if the deposit was previously made by Mostbet Cash method.

The player opens the “Withdrawal from account” and chooses “Mostbet Cash” as the method.

How to withdraw at mostbet agent

Then need to fill in the following fields:


2.Cash register (a drop-down list with the addresses of the cash registers through which the player made a deposit)

Mostbet agent code confirm

The player fills in the fields and clicks “order payment”. The withdrawal amount is reserved from the client’s gaming account, a pop-up with the text opens: “The withdrawal request has been successfully created.

The transaction confirmation code will be sent to your email and will also be available in the withdrawal history. Present the code at your cash register to receive funds.”

How to withdraw at mostbet agent shop

The confirmation code is sent to the player’s via e-mail, and is also available in the withdrawal history when a transaction is selected.

The player reports the confirmation code to the cashier.

The player receives the specified amount.

Mostbet shop app main page

Instructions for the cashier:

The cashier logs in to the app and clicks “Withdraw of funds”

Mostbet agent withdrawal of funds

In new window opens with two fields:Recipient ID, The code

The cashier fills in the fields and confirms the operation by pressing the “OK” button.

Money is debited from the client’s gaming account and credited to the cashier’s account.

The Cash Agent transfers cash to the player.

MostBet Agent application report

Mostbet shop apk rewards

In the Rewards section of Mostbet agent apk you can see how much commission you have been charged for transactions.

Commissions are charged every 15 days.

The very first line of this section shows your earnings in real time.

Your commission is calculated in periods 1-15 and 16-31 is credited on the next day of the billing period, but your earnings are always shown online

Mostbet shop cashier operations

In the Сashier operations section of Mostbet agent apk you can see all transactions that you made: transaction date, game account and transaction amount.

Mostbet app report

If you click the right icon at the top, you can order a detailed unloading of all transactions, at the same time you can see what commission is in your account and how much you earned on each transaction.