Terms Of Use Mostbet Cash agents

1. About the project.

1.1 Mostbet cash (hereinafter the Franchisor) is a project of MostBet Company (hereinafter the Company) aimed at attracting franchisees (hereinafter the Agent) to accept cash from the Company’s customers to deposit their gaming accounts on the Company’s website. The Agent, in turn, makes a profit in the form of a percentage of the transactions made.

1.2 The Franchisor does not pay any money to the Agent.  The Agent receives its profit solely as a percentage of the transactions made.

1.3 Should these Rules be changed, the Agents shall be notified by the appropriate announcements.

2. Basic terms.

  • Franchisor – Mostbet Cash project

  • Franchisee (Agent) – a partner-entrepreneur, cashier(s) owner

  • A Company is the MostBet betting company

  • Cashier – the point at which the customer’s payment is made

  • A Customer is a MostBet user

3. Main provisions/limitations.

3.1 The Franchisor’s Agent may be a person who is at least 18 years of age or has reached the age of majority in his/her jurisdiction (if that age is to be greater than 18) and who agrees to the rules proposed by the Franchisor.

3.2 The Agent is permitted to create only one (1) account and an unlimited number of cashiers assigned to this account.

3.3 The Agent cannot use the funds assigned to them to replenish their own game account and withdraw funds. This rule applies to new agents with 01/01/2023. Already registered agents can continue their gaming activity and use their cash registers without any restrictions

3.4 The amount of commissions for completed transactions is based on the current rates in effect at the time of a new agent registration.

4. Identification:

4.1 In accordance with the internal AML policy, the Franchisor conducts initial and ongoing identity verification of agents, depending on the level of potential risk associated with each of them.

4.2 To register, the Agent must provide the Franchisor with:

  • Full name

  • Valid phone number

  • Valid e-mail address

  • Actual residential address

  • Passport/identity card/driver’s license or other substitute document details

  • Copies of the following documents: passport (main page) or identity card (both sides) or driver’s license (both sides) or other substitute document that meets the following requirements: – contains the name, date of birth and a photograph of the document holder; – was issued by national government authorities,

  • Selfie with the front side of the identifying document

4.3 In case of doubt about the identity of the Agent, the Franchisor has the right to conduct a video verification procedure.

Agent’s work:

5.1 The purpose of the Agent’s work is to receive income from the commission on transactions (deposit/withdrawal of funds) performed by customers of the Company.

5.2 If the Agent is suspected of committing fraudulent acts against the Company or is associated with customers who are committing fraudulent acts against the Company (falsification of payment vouchers, multiple accounts, third party betting, use of betting automation software, gambling in arbitrage situations, betting to exceed limits set by the Company, abuse of loyalty programs, betting deposits on equal bets, etc.), then the Franchisor reserves the right to stop these fraudulent acts by:

  • warning and non-payment of the cashier commission,

  • blocking the Agent’s cashier without refund in case of repeated violations,

  • blocking the Agent’s cashier without warning in case the Agent has caused significant damage to the Company as a result of fraudulent actions.

5.3 The Agent is responsible only for compliance with the applicable rules and is not responsible for the violation of company rules by customers. If the Company freezes/unfreezes the accounts of players who have replenished their gaming accounts through the Agent, the Company may notify the Agent about the IDs of these players.

5.4 The player who made a deposit to their gaming account only through the Agent’s cashier has no withdrawal options except Mostbet Cash. Other withdrawal methods become available if a player makes a minimum deposit to their account at least one (1) time using the method other than Mostbet Cash.

5.5 The Franchisor reserves the right to suspend any Agent’s cashier in case of doubts about the Agent’s good faith. The suspension is valid until the end of the verification by the Company’s security service. During the verification process, video identification can be performed at the time agreed with the Agent. In case of repeated refusal of video identification (failure to perform video identification within 7 calendar days due to the fault of the Agent is considered a refusal), the agent’s account will be blocked until video identification is performed.

5.6 If the security service finds a violation of the rules on the part of the Agent, the Agent’s account will be blocked with an explanation of the violation types, and the funds in the Agent’s cashier will not be returned.

5.7 The Company does not provide the Agent with any details about the customers who use the services of its cashiers, except for the status: “frozen” or “active”.

5.8 Any interaction between the Agent and the Franchisor shall be carried out only through the official channels of communication indicated on the project website.

Technical issues in the application:

6.1 In the event of technical problems and system failures on the Franchisor’s side, there may be temporary difficulties logging into the application and performing cashier transactions on the Agent’s side. The time for crediting and withdrawal of funds may be increased up to 12 hours. In this case, the appropriate push notification in the application/e-mail/text message will be sent to the Agent within 1 hour of the occurrence/resolution of a technical issue or outage.