Women’s World Cup will win over the sceptics: Infantino

Women's world cup will win over the sceptics: infantino0

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said that women’s football has had great development over the last 10 years and is optimistic that the World Cup will win over anybody who remains skeptical about the qualities of the women’s game.

Infantino made these statements in response to a question regarding whether or not the World Cup would win over anyone who is skeptical about the virtues of the women’s game.

The governing body of the sport anticipates that two billion people will tune in to watch the 64-game tournament that is being co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The competition is scheduled to begin on Thursday in Auckland.

“Many people who believe that women’s football is still not a great game, or that it’s not so entertaining, or that it’s kind of a bad copy of men’s football or some stuff like that – well, when they watch a game for the first time, they will actually see that it’s a fantastic game,” said Infantino. “When they watch a game for the first time, they will actually see that it’s a fantastic game.”

Over the last decade, there has been incredible progress made in terms of level, and the greatest players are coming here.

Infantino said that if there was one sport in which it was possible for women’s football to compete with men’s football, it would be football.

“I mean, it’s 50% of the population, women around the world, more or less, right?” he added. “I mean, it’s 50% of the population, women around the world.”

“From a purely intellectual standpoint, it is truly incomprehensible that there is not a single sport that can compete with a number of the men’s sports.”

On Thursday, the opening ceremony as well as the first match of the tournament between New Zealand and Norway will take place in Auckland, which is a smaller metropolis than the most of its host city counterparts in Australia.

Concerns have been raised about the sluggish rate of ticket sales in New Zealand, despite the fact that the total number of tickets sold reached one million dollars more than a month ago. Last week, FIFA announced that it will be giving out 20,000 free tickets in the country of New Zealand.

“New Zealand, we are interested in you. We need you,” stated Infantino. It’s true that “it’s never too late to do the right thing.”

According to the Secretary General of FIFA, Fatma Samoura, a total of 1.375 million tickets have been sold thus far for the duration of the event.

From the 20th of July through the 20th of August, the ninth iteration of the Women’s World Cup will be played.

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