Women footballers return after break with not much to look for

Women footballers return after break with not much to look for 0

After enjoying a five-day holiday since the Women’s Super League (WSL) failed to get underway, the members of the national women’s team football team began returning to the residential camp yesterday. There are no scheduled domestic or international engagements for the squad at this time.

The previously declared beginning date of the planned league has been pushed back twice, first to May 15 and then to June 10. This has left the players unhappy, and as a result, they have requested a break from their constant training.

“As of seven o’clock this evening, fifteen players have reported for duty, while the other members of the squad are in route to Dhaka. “Only Tahura Khatun will join the camp a couple of days later because she is suffering from a fever,” assistant coach Mahbubur Rahman Litu shared the information, and he added that the players would begin training today morning.

“Maria [Manda], Monika [Chakma], and Sabina [Khatun] asked for a break of between four and five days,” we said. I delivered the message to Paul [Smalley] sir and [Mahfuza Akter] Kiran apa, and they agreed to give me a respite for a period of five days,” Litu said.

After spending their vacation in Rangamati with Anuching Mogini and the other people in their group, Krishna Rani Sarker and Sanjida Akter were the first people to go back to Dhaka after their time away.

“I have arrived at the campsite. During my time off, I had a wonderful time, and now I’m looking forward to having even more time off for Eid. According to what Krishna said with The Daily Star, “of course, I am mentally happy after the break.” “In point of fact, I have no idea when our next engagements are, and I don’t want to comment on the World Series of Poker at all.”

Assistant coach Litu said that the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has not yet finalized its FIFA friendly matches, but that the organization is still working to make advantage of the approaching FIFA window. This is because interim general secretary Emran Hasan Tushar did not answer to calls.

Although the BFF did not provide an explanation for the postponement of the league, Fahad Karim, CEO of the tournament’s rights holder K-Sports, provided his reasoning for the postponement.

The difficulty is that I am not receiving live broadcasting slot because of schedules of next SAFF Championship, while the cricket series between Afghanistan and Bangladesh clashes with the WSL schedules. “The challenge is that I am not getting live broadcasting slot because of schedules of upcoming SAFF Championship.” According to what Fahad said to The Daily Star, “despite the league having commercial value, we would not be able to broadcast live six of the match days.” There are a total of thirteen match days.

“Another obstacle was that one of the four franchise owners decided not to participate, and I didn’t want to begin the league in an unorganized manner because of that. “The other owners asked me not to hold the league during the month of financial closing,” Fahad said, adding that he will get down with the BFF authorities within the next couple of days to clarify things out. “The other owners are all owners,” Fahad added.

When Fahad was asked whether there is any possibility that the league could begin play in the near future, he responded by saying, “Now I have confirmed all four franchises for the participation and WSL will be held.” Even if we may not be able to do much for the players during the first season, I believe that they will be satisfied with the first season.

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