Will serious investigation follow serious accusation?

Will serious investigation follow serious accusation? 0

The most important thing about what happened with Tamim Iqbal’s illness is how things were allowed to get so bad that the leader had to step down.

Thursday, Nazmul Hassan, the head of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), was at a news meeting with Tamim and Jalal Yunus, who is in charge of cricket operations. The head of the board said that it needs to be looked into why there was a difference between what he was told and what really happened.

Tamim had several MRIs done in different countries, but only the most recent one, which was done in Dubai and which Tamim sent to the BCB president, showed a “problem.” The issue made the head of the BCB angry because he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t been told about it sooner.

Tamim also made it clear at the same news meeting that he knew about the back pain he had been dealing with since November 2022.

It is a serious claim that an injury to a member of the national team was either ignored or not taken care of properly.

“Tamim had also done an MRI in Dhaka and done everything else that was needed. He paid for himself to see doctors in India, Bangkok, and London, so he has done this a lot. This is the first time he has sent me a report from Dubai, and in that report I saw that he has a problem. You can ask him [Tamim] what I said to him first. I asked him to join me and BCB’s top surgeon, Debashish Chowdhury, on a conference call. Nazmul asked at the news meeting, “Why wasn’t I told this before?”

“I found out what my trouble is in November 2022. The thing is that someone tells him what’s going on. When I sent him the report for the first time, because I had never sent him a report before, he might have told me. When I sent him the report for the first time, he called me right away to ask why he hadn’t heard about this before.”We’ve talked a lot about this today.” It shouldn’t happen to anyone, and most misunderstanding or problems won’t happen if we are open. “We know exactly what has happened and what has been going on for the last six months,” Tamim said.

It was found out, though, that the medical team kept the team management up to date on the left-hander’s injury. BCB sources say that people who work in the medical area, like physiotherapists and people who help with rehab, know everything about accidents. The medical staff tells the teachers and the head of the cricket operations who to talk to. Then it will be their job to tell the BCB president about any accidents that need to be fixed right away.

Since Khaled Mahmud is no longer a team head, Nazmul said that he trusts Jalal Yunus to keep him up to date. Tamim also said that he follows the chain of command and tells Jalal, who is his direct boss, what is going on.

The question now is whether the diagnosis is wrong or whether the problem was not explained well. When The Daily Star called Jalal, he said he would talk about the situation later. The BCB medical department also didn’t want to talk about what had happened.

Nazmul said, “The matter should be looked into.” The head of BCB says that the injury has already been “ignored.” Tamim’s job is already in danger because of the accident, but whether or not a real review is done will decide if more things like this will happen in the future.

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