We have progressed a lot: Jamal

We have progressed a lot: jamal 0

From the time he played for Bangladesh’s national team, Jamal Bhuyan, who is captain, said that the conditions have changed for the better.

“When I first came [to the national team] football was very low down, it took a couple of years to turn it around,” he shared. “There were no facilities at all—you can’t even imagine how bad it was at the start,” Jamal told FIFA in a story that came out on Wednesday.

But things are slowly getting better now, and the players are being taken care of. We had never met in person, had online chats, or done other things like that. “We’ve come a long way,” he said.

When he talked to FIFA, the Danish booter also talked about how he joined the Bangladesh football team.

“I believe my story is unique compared to those of other players.” I was shot four times after an accident. When you stay in the same hospital bed for three to four months, all you can think about is getting better and becoming a football player.

“When I got back, I had a new coach who told me to study more than play football. I was one of the best on my group. “I thought, ‘I’m good enough to go back,'” It was Jamal.

After playing football again in Denmark’s lower leagues, Jamal got a call from the Bangladesh Football Federation, asking him to play for the country where his parents were born. The chance didn’t bother him at all.

“When I was little, I went to Bangladesh, and my parents would tell me stories about it.” I got ideas from them, which is one of the main reasons I decided to play for Bangladesh.

“I could have played in Denmark instead. My family was doing well, and we didn’t need any more money.” I saw this as a task, though. There are 180 million people in Bangladesh. If I could make a difference for this country, it would be good for me and for football in Bangladesh.

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