We don’t need stadiums everywhere: Papon 

We don’t need stadiums everywhere: papon 0

On his first day in office, Youth and Sports Minister Nazmul Hassan Papon stated he wanted more open playgrounds rather than limited stadiums when asked if he would prioritize skill training or infrastructure development.

“I am not in favor of building stadiums; I am in favor of sports.” We don’t need stadiums all over the place. “We need open playgrounds with facilities such as dressing rooms so that people can enter the grounds and play,” Papon told reporters at the National Sports Council on Sunday.

There is no need for BCB CEO Papon to quit.

Papon, who is also the current head of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, finished his first day at the NSC on Sunday. Officials from many national federations, associations, and sports media organizations welcomed Papon at the NSC Tower with flowers and cakes.

Papon told everyone that he would make every effort to ameliorate the federations’ issues.

“I want to sit with each and every federation separately and try to know their problems because meeting with a few federations together will not work I believe,” he added. “And, then I want to support them accordingly but I want to know from them where they want to reach in the next three years because it won’t be possible to see the outcomes if they set a five or seven-year target.”

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