‘Watching Messi is like watching Michael Jordan’

‘watching messi is like watching michael jordan’0

The owner of the Major League Soccer team FC Dallas, Dan Hunt, was impressed by Lionel Messi of Inter Miami after his team lost because of Messi’s great play on Sunday, when Miami moved on to the Leagues Cup quarterfinals.

Messi scored twice and helped set up Benjamin Cremaschi’s goal for Miami. Before the Argentine World Cup winner arrived last month, Miami hadn’t won a league game in 11 tries. Messi has played with Inter Miami four times, and they have all been in the Leagues Cup. This is a game where all MLS and Liga MX teams play against each other. In two weeks, the normal season will start up again.

His effect has, of course, not gone ignored, and Hunt is amazed by it. Hunt told Bloomberg before the game that Messi is like the man who many people think was the best basketball player ever.

Hunt said he couldn’t miss this game for the world because seeing Messi play on the field was like seeing Michael Jordan.

He also said, “In that situation, you’re looking at one of the two best players of all time. So, yeah, this is a great time for FC Dallas.

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