Tuchel backs Nagelsmann for Germany job

Tuchel backs nagelsmann for germany job0

Thomas Tuchel, the coach of Bayern Munich, said Tuesday that he was fine with Julian Nagelsmann, the man he ousted as coach, taking over for Germany.

German media said earlier on Tuesday that Hansi Flick had been fired as coach of the men’s national team, and Nagelsmann was close to taking over. This would happen just nine months before Germany hosts the European Championship.

Nagelsmann hasn’t had a job since March, when Bayern fired him and hired Tuchel in his place.

When asked about Nagelsmann’s possible job, Tuchel said, “Why not?” at a press meeting before Bayern’s Champions League game against Manchester United on Wednesday.

“Julian has the skills, and if the DFB chose him, that’s the most important thing.

“A decision has been made, and we can all look forward. Nagelsmann can have a positive effect on things.”

The German newspaper Bild said that Nagelsmann, who is 36 years old, will take charge of a deal that will last until the end of Euro 2024.

Flick was the first Germany coach in history to be fired. This happened after his team lost a friendly 4–1 to Japan in September.

Last year at the World Cup in Qatar, Flick’s team also didn’t get out of the group stage.

Since then, Germany has played six games and lost four of them. They are getting ready to host Euro 2024.

Nagelsmann took over as coach of the regular Bundesliga winners after Flick left.

After doing well as the coach of German teams Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, he was seen as a rising star.

During the summer, Nagelsmann’s name came up as a possible option for jobs at top clubs like Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur in England.

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