This World Cup was crazy: Emi Martinez

This world cup was crazy: emi martinez0

Argentina’s supporters played a pivotal role in their remarkable journey to win their third FIFA World Cup. Countless numbers of people left South America to help their cherished La Albiceleste cross the finish line.

And don’t think for a moment that the players were blind to the sacrifices and contributions made by the supporters.

Goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez remembers the 2022 World Cup as “crazy” in the documentary “A Nation’s Story: Argentina,” which follows the team’s quest for World Cup victory in Qatar. “A lot of individuals were selling their automobiles and going through house foreclosures in order to afford tickets to see us perform.

“I came upon it on social media and on TV. The people’s willingness to go above and beyond constantly made us smile.”

Scaloni’s special thanks to supporters

On the touchline, the players’ relationship with the supporters was also valued. Throughout his path to Qatar 2022, Argentina’s head coach Lionel Scaloni never failed to acknowledge the contributions given by the fans.

“I can honestly say a big part of the achievement is thanks to the fans who were there,” Scaloni says. “Those who were yelling at the TV in Argentina were also present. It invigorates you.

“It was an incredible experience.”

We acted as a unit.

Argentina’s success in Qatar was also largely attributed to the players’ and staff members’ behind-the-scenes efforts.

Martinez says, “The day that all of our families came was the most fun.” When our children were at the training camp, they once engaged in a game of ten against ten. Observing our kids having fun and spending time together was a lovely moment.

“We were like a family coming together for the same dream.”

The players’ relief from the pressures of a World Cup experience was greatly enhanced by the presence of their loved ones, a fact that Scaloni recognized following their unexpected loss to Saudi Arabia in the opening game.

“The pressure was already off after what we went through in group stage, losing the first match,” he explains. At the end of the day, we aim to highlight the players’ “amateurism.” Similar to a young child’s fantasy of participating in the World Cup. Now, recall that sensation. It’s everything you asked for, right here!”

Martinez remembers when someone asks him about his boyhood goal coming true, saying, “It’s a moment that makes me emotional every time I think about it.”

Martinez saved Argentina’s bacon in the final, no doubt about it, but he will be their hero for the entirety of Qatar 2022 after his dramatic last-second save from Randal Kolo Muani.

“I said on many occasions that my dream was to win the World Cup with Argentina,” Lionel Messi said. “And I had the good fortune to triumph on the national squad, in clubs, and on my own.

Furthermore, because I enjoy what I do, I played all of this with enthusiasm and had a blast. My career has been lengthy, and it is now coming to a close. I was only able to request that it be concluded in this manner.”

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