Tamim issue still hard to leave behind?

Tamim issue still hard to leave behind? 0

Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan got into a fight after the squad selection announcement, and the Bangladesh team director Khaled Mahmud thought that the players should put aside their differences and concentrate on doing well at the World Cup rather than dwelling on what had happened.

Despite the fact that Tamim has decided not to participate in the World Cup, it seems that the team is still being questioned about the events that took place. The left-handed opener had mentioned in the video message that he did not want to be a part of the “dirty environment” where obstacles were being placed in his way.

“In my opinion, the team is more important than any individual, and the nation is more important than the team. As Mahmud explained to the press on Sunday, “We can’t just focus on one player, nor can we say that if this happened, then that would’ve happened.”

“Of course, a great deal of other things may have taken place. We must fight with whatever resources we have available.

“The World Cup is a difficult competition. It’s a game of your mind. We could give it a go if the lads can keep their heads on straight and play the best cricket they can muster. It makes no difference to me now. There is no use in ruminating on the past since we must move on to the future. The squad is in terrific shape, and the event had no impact on them in any way. They are on the lookout for anything worthwhile and are now awaiting the start of the World Cup.

Tamim had also said that a board high-up who was “very involved” with cricket had discussed with him the possibility of batting lower down the order or opting out of the first game altogether. Because Mahmud believed that such words created ammo to suspect everyone who was engaged with the team, he requested that Tamim talk in a more clear manner.

To tell you the truth, if Tamim has stated anything like that, he has to clarify who did it and why, as well as the motivation behind it. You should identify the person who made the statement if you have a robust mindset.

It is not appropriate for you to make a statement that casts doubt on the integrity of everyone else. If you have proof, then you need to name the person who did it. He said that now was not the time for us to be thinking about such matters.

Tamim was criticised by the skipper, Shakib, for not being a good team player since he was only concerned with his own requirements. According to Mahmud, both Tamim and Shakib have reached an age when they are old enough to discuss their problems, and no one is coaching them on what to say.

“In my opinion, each person who spoke did so with reference to their own perspective. It is a personal affair for both of them, and both of them are quite mature. “Mahmud came to the conclusion that if someone now says that Tamim was taught what to say or if it’s said that we taught Shakib what to say, then it’s completely wrong,”

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