Spanish football federation asks president Rubiales to resign

Spanish football federation asks president rubiales to resign0

Regional presidents of the Spanish Football Federation demanded the resignation of suspended director Luis Rubiales on Monday after he forcedly kissed Jenni Hermoso, a player in the Women’s globe Cup, igniting anger throughout the globe.

Following a meeting of the regional presidents, the federation (RFEF) issued a statement saying, “The presidents request that Luis Rubiales resign immediately as president of the RFEF. Recent events and the unacceptable behavior have seriously damaged the image of Spanish football.”

The presidents said that they supported Pedro Rocha, the organization’s acting president, in his efforts to engage “dialogue and reconciliation with all football institutions” and to convene the conference.

A managerial reorganization was also advocated in the RFEF statement.

In order to pave the way for a new phase in the administration of Spanish football, it said, “We will urge the relevant authorities to carry out a profound and imminent organizational restructuring in strategic positions of the federation.”

The women’s team was also congratulated by the regional presidents for winning the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Hermoso is one of the 81 players that are currently on strike until the federation’s management changes.

Prosecutors at Spain’s highest criminal court said earlier Monday that they had launched a preliminary inquiry into Rubiales’ kiss on the grounds that it would constitute a “sexual assault” offense.

According to a court statement, “prosecutors from the National Court have opened a preliminary investigation to look into the facts, which may constitute a crime of sexual assault.”

The statement said that they will get in touch with Hermoso and provide her an opportunity to launch a complaint within 15 days.

When Spain won the Women’s World Cup in Sydney on August 20, Hermoso said in a statement that she felt like the “victim of assault” and that the kiss that took place at the medal ceremony was not voluntary despite Rubiales’ claims to the contrary.

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