Spain’s men’s national team denounce Rubiales over World Cup kiss

Spain's men's national team denounce rubiales over world cup kiss0

The men’s national squad of Spain condemning the “unacceptable behaviour” of banned football manager Luis Rubiales for his controversial World Cup kiss on Monday.

Rubiales, 46, shocked everyone by refusing to step down from his position as president of the Spanish football federation (RFEF) in the wake of Spain’s Women’s World Cup triumph. He did this by forcing a kiss on Jenni Hermoso’s lips.

Alvaro Morata of Atletico Madrid read out a message praising their female teammates for “a historic” accomplishment on behalf of the whole club.

At the prize-giving ceremony in Sydney on August 20, he added, the men’s team “expressed their solidarity with the women players and deplored that their success had been tarnished” by Rubiales.

According to Morata, “We want to condemn Mr. Rubiales’ inappropriate behavior, as he has failed to uphold the standards of the organization he represents.

“We strongly support the principles that are inherent in sports.

“Spanish football ought to be a beacon of tolerance, inspiration, inclusivity, and diversity, setting a high standard for behavior on and off the field.”

Hermoso, who claims she did not agree to the kiss, has joined a large-scale walkout of female athletes.

Saying that they would not accept an international call-up “if the current leadership continues” at the RFEF, Futpro, Hermoso, and eighty other players are members of the women’s players’ union.

Despite significant outrage, Rubiales has remained steadfast in his refusal to resign from his position “because of a little consensual kiss.”

FIFA, the organization that oversees world football, has imposed a 90-day suspension on him and opened a disciplinary investigation into his actions.

Rubiales is also being investigated by Spain’s national sports court.

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