Shanto, a portrait of assuredness

Shanto, a portrait of assuredness 0

The One-Day International World Cup that was going to be held in India inspired a lot of hope and anticipation for the Bangladesh cricket squad.

Former One-Day International (ODI) captain Tamim Iqbal had said in 2021 that the team’s objective for the 2023 World Cup would hopefully be to win the tournament.

Many of the players on Bangladesh’s national team have expressed optimism about the country’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup as a result of the strong play of its veteran stars as well as the development of its younger players.

The results that were achieved in the most recent Asia Cup brought some of those expectations down to earth. After the conclusion of the competition involving many nations, coach Chandika Hathurusingha was quoted as saying in an interview that those who are still daydreaming about winning the World Cup should snap out of it.

The fact that it was made by the head coach and that it was made so close to the start of the World Cup made it an extraordinary comment. Tamim, who had only lately resigned from his position as captain, was taken aback by the remark, and he inquired as to how a dream could be realized if it did not exist.

As the 16th One-Day International (ODI) captain of Bangladesh, Najmul Hossain Shanto appeared at the news conference yesterday. Liton Das was given the day off before the third ODI against New Zealand. Shanto gave off an air of confidence that helped put his struggles with trolls and gaining a footing in international cricket into perspective.

Shanto seemed to be full of life despite the blow that was dealt to Tigers’ hopes. Shanto’s responses to the questions lacked even the tiniest trace of uncertainty, much like the way he is starting to become accustomed to hitting runs in international cricket.

Shanto gave a response that was unequivocally favorable when he was asked for his thoughts on what Hathurusingha had to say.

“No, in point of fact, we are still experiencing the very same dream that we were experiencing before. When we began the World Cup qualifying [ODI Super League], the players’ goal was to finish in the top four, but we ended up finishing in third place. Since then, we have entertained the notion of achieving success at the World Cup, which is something we have never done in the past but are capable of doing. Shanto said in a casual manner that they still had the same dream.

The challenges that Shanto confronted during a time when he was not doing well as a player serve as a metaphor for his current level of self-confidence. It was also going to be a major burden for him. The third spot in the batting order is crucial for finding a rhythm and preparing the batting side for great things. It would be very important for him to play a part in preventing a batting slump like the ones that have been observed in the games played recently.

“After getting off to a strong start, our task will consist of developing significant alliances. it would be the objective, and it is what each person is striving toward at the moment. Those of us who bat in the top order will do our best to guarantee that whomever is set will look to see how long of an innings we are capable of playing regardless of who gets set. The left-handed hitter expressed their optimism that the top-order slump will be overcome in the near future.

Shanto, who was having a great time on his trip through international cricket, carried the responsibility of being appointed the captain for one match like an emblem, demonstrating the mental fortitude that would be required to restore the momentum lost in the lead up to the World Cup.

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