Shakib likens Tamim’s behaviour to a child’s antics

Shakib likens tamim's behaviour to a child's antics0

In an interview that aired on Wednesday night, Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of Bangladesh’s one-day international team, provided his thoughts on Tamim Iqbal’s withdrawal from the World Cup roster. The conversation was conducted exclusively by T Sports.

Shakib explained everything in an indirect manner, saying that the decision to remove Tamim was a result of many different procedures and facts, most of which he was unaware of.

He used Mahmudullah Riyad as an example in his speech.

“Mahmudullah Riyad bhai wasn’t there, but all of a sudden he joined the squad for the World Cup. I had the impression that he was incapable of doing that; yet, everyone took note of his commitment, his sense of duty to the squad, and his desire to play for the team. Shakib indicated that there was a difference in attitude between Mahmudullah and Tamim by saying, “So there is a difference,” implying that there was a difference between the two.

Tamim had said that a board high-up had urged him to boycott the first World Cup game and also bat lower down the order in a video that was shared on Facebook yesterday, after the Bangladesh squad had already left for India. The video was posted after the departure of the Bangladesh team.

Shakib vehemently denied any role in the aforementioned request that was made to Tamim. in the other hand, he compared Tamim’s actions to the antics of children playing in the playground.

“Since we haven’t gone through anything of the such, I’m not sure where you got the idea that I should answer that question….Is there anything that would be problematic with that suggestion if it were made by someone? Or is it the case that you just cannot offer a suggestion in such a manner? Do you really believe that you have to tell a specific individual that “you do whatever the hell you want”? It’s like someone is acting like a kid and claiming, “it’s my bat, only I will play.” This is a really immature conduct.

Everyone on the team need to be willing to switch positions for the sake of the collective good. “The team comes first,” he went on to say.

“Someone like Rohit Sharma built his career from the seventh position all the way up to opening, and he scored more than 10,000 runs.” Would it be a significant issue if he sometimes batted at number three or four? It reeks of complete immaturity. I will play since it is my bat. Nobody else is able to participate. It is acceptable for a player to bat in any position for the team. Always put the team first. whether the team does not win, it does not matter whether you have made 100 or 200 points; it is still a loss. What exactly can you accomplish with your own personal success? Do you wish to become well-known in your field?

“You are not giving the squad the slightest bit of consideration at all. The general public does not comprehend these concepts. Why did he get the proposition in the first place? It was for the good of the group. Where exactly is the problem with that? When you provide your approval to a suggestion like this, you show that you are a team player. You are not a true member of the team if you are not thinking along those lines. You are competing for your own personal bests, as well as success, celebrity, and a name. Not for the good of the group.”

Shakib continued by explaining why it would have been impossible for him to take Tamim on as an apprentice. According to Shakib, Kane Williamson will not participate in the first two matches, but after that, he will begin to play. “If I had information similar to this, I wouldn’t have any difficulties. It will be challenging for me to choose the squad if I am aware that his participation in the seventh game, the third game, or the first game is in question, or that I will not know if he will play until the morning of the game itself. I don’t believe that we need such a player at this time.”

“I did not bring up the matter with the player in question, the medical staff, or the selector,” I said. Unquestionably, this choice was made by the board. People could question my skill or capacity, but someone like MS Dhoni, who has won everything there is to win and has the wisdom and sense to go along with it, once remarked that an unfit player who is playing is betraying his team and nation by doing so. I believe that it is something that not just Tamim but all of the players should acknowledge and embrace.

Shakib also said that he was eager to quit from his position as captain after the Asia Cup (17 September), but that he did not do so because senior BCB officials requested that he not do so.

“I never stipulated any requirements to become captain. I tendered my resignation as captain by e-mail on the 17th of this month (September). After the World Cup, I won’t be captaining the team for a single day. Because of this, I decided against getting it done before the Asia Cup. I had the want to laugh, to play, and to give a performance. Shakib told me that this was one of the reasons why he did not want to take it.

“I have not outlined any prerequisites. Under the given conditions, the simplest course of action was not to pursue. In the beginning, Papon Bhai, who is the president of the BCB, was the one who explained to me that there is no need to carry it out. At my age, I have no business putting up with this kind of pressure. I want to put on a happy face and do my best for Bangladesh. And we want to make the most of the time we have left. He gave his own interpretation of what had transpired,

“The job of a captain involves more than just running on the pitch; it also involves running off the pitch.” The board, the coach, and the team management all came to the conclusion that it was impossible to do without me. In light of the gravity of the situation, I could not fathom how anybody could throw in the towel. There is no justification for doing so in this location,”

There is no other plausible explanation. It would be preferable if there were no captain. Does holding the position of captain at this point in my career bring any value? “I don’t think that’s going to happen,” the captain of Bangladesh stated.

Tamim’s decision to step down as captain of one-day internationals barely two months before the World Cup was attacked by Shakib. “I have frequently heard in the locker room that he is leaving his position as captain,” you said. Even another player once advised him, “bhai, leave it early so that the new captain gets a bit of time,” and he took this advice to heart. That is precisely what transpired in the situation. The person who arrived after I did did not have enough time. Everyone was in the loop, including the people in charge of making selections and board officials. Papon bhai, who is the president of the BCB, was most likely aware of the situation.

I don’t understand why he didn’t get out of there sooner. He is able to enlighten you. It is like if your commander brings you to battle, but when he has gotten you ready, the commander isn’t asking you to shoot or withdraw (Shakib imitating a soldier). Where do you plan on going? In July, during our most recent two matches against Afghanistan, we found ourselves in this position.

“The captain wouldn’t have changed prior to the Asia Cup and the World Cup unless he himself announced that he was resigning or retiring. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened.” If it had been done 18 months ago, when everyone knew what was going to happen, it would have occurred then.

During the course of the conversation that lasted for half an hour, the renowned all-rounder discussed his personal intentions for the future. He said that he may hang up his bat in the near future, with the Twenty20 World Cup in the next year being his last appearance in that format, and the Champions Trophy in 2025 perhaps being his final appearance in one-day internationals. He said that he could stop playing Tests even sooner, despite the fact that they have not been decided upon as yet.

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