Ronaldo says rivalry with Messi is over

Ronaldo says rivalry with messi is over 0

The 15-year “rivalry” between Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine sensation Lionel Messi is clearly ended.

“It’s not what I see; the rivalry has vanished. It was well received by the audience. Anyone who is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo does not need to despise Lionel Messi. Together, we have altered the course of global football history,” Ronaldo said in an interview with the Portuguese daily Record.

“Since we performed together for fifteen years, there is mutual respect. I never spoke with him, so I wouldn’t say we are friends, but I do respect him,” he went on.

Perhaps the greatest football players to have ever played are Ronaldo and Messi, the captain of Argentina during their World Cup victory. The two football players are often compared to one another and have enormous fan bases. The two share mutual admiration for one another in addition to their healthy competition.

Furthermore, Ronaldo said that “the legacy lives on.”

The star of Inter Miami who helped Argentina win the World Cup in December, Lionel Messi, is a strong candidate to win his seventh Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo, a five-time champion who now represents Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, failed to make the cut for the first time since 2003.


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