PSG considering filing complaint to FIFA against Real over Mbappe: report

Psg considering filing complaint to fifa against real over mbappe: report0

Reports indicate that Paris Saint-Germain are contemplating lodging an official complaint against Real Madrid about Kylian Mbappe with FIFA. The complaint would target Real Madrid.

Mbappe’s current deal with the Ligue 1 winners is set to expire the following year, and the player has already said that he will not be extending it. As of the 31st of July, the time for initiating the one-year extension has passed, which means that doing so is no longer a possibility.

PSG are under the impression that Mbappe has already made an arrangement with Real Madrid to join them for free the next summer despite the fact that he has not only refused to sign a new contract but has also turned down any offers to leave the club on a move this summer.

More than six months before the end of a player’s current contract, a club is not allowed to negotiate a new agreement with that player or communicate to them at all, under FIFA regulations.

PSG are reportedly mulling over whether or not to file that protest with FIFA, as reported by The Telegraph. It is unclear if they have grounds to do so or whether their objective is to exert pressure on Mbappe and Los Blancos to participate in negotiations. Either way, the outcome of this situation remains uncertain.

Transfer bans have been given out by FIFA in the past for players who behaved incompetently.

If Mbappe decides to become a free agent the following summer and join with Real Madrid, there are rumors that he will be eligible for a hefty signing-on fee that is more than 138 million pounds.

It is important to note that if Madrid and Mbappe had already struck an agreement, it would be in breach of the restrictions set out by FIFA.

PSG are supposedly even more convinced that anything is wrong with the Spanish club in light of the fact that Mbappe did not make a phone contact to Saudi club Al-Hilal after they had a world-record £259 million deal approved by the French champions.

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