Mourinho enduring ‘worst start’ as Roma’s struggles continue

Mourinho enduring 'worst start' as roma's struggles continue0

As a result of AS Roma’s 4-1 loss against Genoa on Thursday, the team is now hovering just above the Serie A relegation zone. Jose Mourinho has said that this is the worst start to a season he has ever had as a manager.

Mourinho led Roma to back-to-back finals in Europe, with Roma winning the Europa Conference League in 2022 and losing to Sevilla in the final of the Europa League earlier this year. However, with the team now ranked 16th in Serie A, the burden is on Mourinho to lead Roma to a third consecutive European title.

It’s also the worst beginning to a season I’ve ever had as a coach. Mourinho said that before to the previous season, he did not believe that Roma had ever competed in two consecutive European finals.

A rising injury list is not helping Mourinho’s case, especially in defence, as Roma only have one victory from their first six matches in the league thus far.

“When we’re missing certain players, we lack solidity,” he remarked. “When we’re missing certain players.” “However, it would not be accurate to argue that our decreased solidity is due to the absence of this player or that player.

“Our lack of defensive stability is down to the team as a whole – what happens when we lose possession, and what happens when we drop deeper.”

Mourinho said that there is no use in dwelling on Roma’s issues since they will be competing against Frosinone Calcio on Sunday, followed by a match in the Europa League against Servette of Switzerland on October 5.

“This is the team that we have at our disposal, for better or for worse. “There’s no time to mourn; we have to move on,” he continued after saying that.

“I may show my feelings behind the scenes because it really affects me emotionally, especially given my relationship with the fans,” she said. “I may do this because I have a hard time keeping my emotions in check.”

Starting tomorrow, we are going to put in a lot of effort in preparation for our next game. It’s not like we’re in six-point territory now, but it’s still a massive game for us now, even though there will only be three points at risk in the game.

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