Messi confirms he will not leave Inter Miami on loan

Messi confirms he will not leave inter miami on loan0

Lionel Messi, who plays for Inter Miami, has confirmed earlier speculations that he will not be going out on loan to an international team during the winter season. Messi stated his wish to spend the holidays at home with his family.

Messi started the previous season in August 2022 at Paris Saint-Germain and helped the team claim a title in Ligue 1 before taking two months off and then coming in the United States for his Major League Soccer debut in August. It has been a hectic calendar year for Messi, who started the previous season at Paris Saint-Germain and helped the club claim a trophy.

Since joining Miami, Messi has played in five Major League Soccer regular-season matches (three of which he started), with one goal and two assists. Messi has contributed to 11 goals and eight assists for the club’s offence in 13 appearances across all competitions.

According to several reports and rumours, Lionel Messi might be playing in the Saudi Pro League this winter, or he might make a comeback to his former team, FC Barcelona. Now, the only club game that Messi is thinking about in the near future is Saturday’s encounter between Inter Miami and Charlotte FC, which is the season finale for Inter Miami.

Messi made the statement in Spanish while still on the pitch following Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Peru on Tuesday. “I will train, I will play our upcoming match, and I will try to get here (to the national team) in the best possible way for November,” Messi stated while on the pitch. After that, I’m going to spend some time on vacation in Argentina. With the holidays, having peace of mind, and spending time with my people, this December will be the first time that I have a greater number of days off than any other month.

“In January, I will return (to Miami) again to do preseason, start from scratch and prepare as best as possible as always.”

The reigning World Cup champion, Argentina, will be competing in World Cup qualifying matches against Brazil and Uruguay in the month of November. In the event that Inter Miami had advanced to the postseason, Lionel Messi might have been forced to play more games than usual if the club had been successful in its bid to reach the MLS Cup final.

Even though he gave it his all, Messi’s finest efforts weren’t enough to get Miami into the postseason. “It’s a shame,” he added. “We were very almost successful. I’m sorry, but I had to miss the last several games. We had a number of people get hurt. July was an extremely challenging month for both of us. We travelled and played a game once every three days. However, we were victorious in a competition, which is significant for the club and for what is ahead in the next year.

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