Major agendas include future of ODI cricket in upcoming ICC meeting

Major agendas include future of odi cricket in upcoming icc meeting0

The ICC’s last board meeting of the year will be in Ahmedabad, which is two days after the ODI World Cup final between India and Australia. The ICC’s plan for sharing income will also be discussed, and money will be set away to build up reserves.

ESPNCricinfo reports that the meeting will talk about the suspension of Sri Lanka Cricket, the future of ODI cricket, and bringing back a high-performance plan.

People will talk about SLC’s ban and whether or not Sri Lanka will still be able to host the U-19 World Cup in January and February.

The cricket boards are going to talk about the 50-over version.

According to a story from Cricinfo, at least two boards will be pushing for the ODI Super League to be brought back to life. To get into the 2027 ODI World Cup, teams will have to use their ICC ranks, which are also used to get into the 50-over men’s World Cup.

It was the same time as the rugby World Cup, so it would be a good chance to compare the audiences and see how big our sport is around the world, Zimbabwe Cricket chair Tavengwa Mukuhlani was reported by Cricinfo as saying.

In places where both football and rugby are popular, it seemed like more people were watching the Rugby World Cup. No, I don’t think the problem is with ODIs. The problem is that the World Cup doesn’t have enough teams; even 14 is too few. And without the Super League, there won’t be any background.

“We need ODI cricket, we can’t do without it.” It still makes us and many other countries money.

Members in full As the High-Performance plan gets ready to start up again, Ireland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and maybe even more countries will be part.

According to Cricinfo, some of the money that will be given to members under the new sharing plan will be put into a US$100 million preserved overflow fund. This money will then be invested and given back to members at a later date.

The story said that each year, Full Members will put US$ 88.8 million into the fund, with the BCCI contributing US$ 38.5 million. Associates will also put in US$11.2 million. It will be important to make sure that T20 cricket is officially included in the 2028 Los Angeles Games. Possible ways to qualify will also be looked at.

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