Local manufacturer soothes Afghan panic

Local manufacturer soothes afghan panic0 

After the squad’s match and training kits did not arrive when they were supposed to, the Afghan camp that the visiting team was staying in descended into a state of panic.

Although the Afghans, who came here on June 10, had anticipated getting their jerseys the day following their arrival, they were only able to get half of the team’s jerseys and none of the training outfits when they arrived.

However, the foreign players were eventually pleased when a Bangladeshi manufacturer accepted their order and provided their jerseys only one day before to the beginning of the one-off Test that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

The order was placed on June 11 with a local business called Aswad Sports, which is run by Fahim Muntasir Sumit, a former cricketer for Bangladesh. Despite the tight turnaround, Aswad Sports was able to successfully deliver the product on time.

Only fifty percent of the Afghanistan Test team’s match jerseys were delivered for some inexplicable reason. The visitors’ camp felt a little uneasy as a result of this development. Before the beginning of the test, the liaison officer for the Afghanistan team got in touch with me and requested that I get ready the remaining half of their match jerseys together with the training jerseys. According to what Fahim shared with The Daily Star, “the challenge was to prepare identical jerseys to the other half, but we were ultimately able to do it successfully.”

According to Fahim, the Afghans were pleased with the jerseys since they were of a decent quality, and Fahim said that. “We took it as a challenge, and it felt good to see that they were happy with the quality of the fabric,” he added. “We also took it as an opportunity to grow as a company.”

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