‘Kohli is the first to arrive in training and the last to leave’

'kohli is the first to arrive in training and the last to leave'0

Josh Hazlewood, a fast bowler for Australia, has praised India’s batter Virat Kohli, stating how the 34-year-old helps set examples for the others via his work ethic. Hazlewood made his comments during a match between Australia and India.

The intense competition that exists between India and Australia in the sport of cricket has resulted in some spectacular play throughout the course of its history; nevertheless, the true spirit of the game is most frequently brought out when both teams appreciate the lineage of the talents they have available to them.

The conclusion of five action-packed days of red-ball cricket will take place at The Oval in England on June 7, 2021-23, when the World Test Championship final will be played. India and Australia will compete against one other for the title.

As Australia prepares for the final, Hazlewood, whose IPL season was cut short due to a side ailment, is expecting to bowl at full power for the first time since the injury occurred.

“I think it’s probably how hard he works,” Hazlewood said to the ICC. “That’s probably the thing that stands out.”

“His physical condition is of the utmost importance, and then his skill work, in particular his batting and fielding.”

“He is always out there (training) first and leaves last… and the intensity that he trains at all the time is at such a high level that it drags everyone else along for the ride. ” That has the potential to trickle down to the other players and help them out as well.

The Australian, who is now participating in the Indian Premier League, has more five-wicket hauls in Tests against India (5) than against any other country, and his record in England is just as good, with a total of 36 wickets from eight matches at an amazing average of 23.58.

In addition, Hazlewood made his debut in a test match against India in 2014 at The Gabba in Brisbane. He has gone on to play more tests against the Indian national team than any other country, totaling 15.

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