Iyer sees flexibility as key trait for hopes of India spot

Iyer sees flexibility as key trait for hopes of india spot0

Shreyas Iyer, who is 28 years old and well aware of the fierce competition for a position in India’s batting order, has said that he is prepared to bat anywhere for the Indian side during the next Cricket World Cup. Shreyas Iyer is well aware of the intense competition for a slot in India’s batting order.

Before the beautiful right-hander had a minor back ailment in March that required surgery, he had very nearly locked down the number four position. The injury forced him to miss time on the field. In the second of the one-day matches that they played against Australia on Sunday, he won the game with a century that he scored.

After he returned, things didn’t exactly go as he had anticipated for them to.

He was chosen to be on India’s squad for the Asia Cup, but a back spasm caused him to miss a substantial chunk of the team’s successful campaign. India went on to win the tournament.

Iyer, on the other hand, proved his worth by hitting 105 runs off of 90 balls on Sunday. His performance contributed to India’s victory in Indore, which won them the series, and earned him the distinction of Player of the Match.

Despite the fact that KL Rahul, Ishan Kishan, and Suryakumar Yadav are all doing very well, Iyer has said that he would bat wherever India captain Rohit Sharma asks him to bat.

Iyer told the press, “I’m flexible about whatever number I’d be getting to bat,” despite the fact that it is believed that he would keep his customary position at number four during the World Cup. “I’m flexible about whatever number I’d be getting to bat,” Iyer said.

“(It’s) wherever the team demands at that moment in time, whether I have to move further down the order, or if I have to go up the order. It doesn’t matter whatever direction the team requires me to go; I’ll do it.

“There is competition, and that is the best part about this team… as a professional, I can’t be complaining about that,” the player added. “I can’t be complaining about that.”

“All I can say is that I will do everything in my power to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way in the future, and that I will not leave any stone unturned in my preparation,”

The Mumbai batter was aware of the importance of Iyer’s most recent innings since Iyer has a respectable strike rate of 97.55 and a one-day international batting average of at least 46 runs.

It was one of my greatest innings, especially taking into account that I had just returned from an injury. I couldn’t contain my excitement at finally making it there and demonstrating my prowess in front of the team.

I have to keep reminding myself that my competitors are plotting something against me all the time. It all depends on my state of mind, especially when I’m confronted with challenging circumstances.

When India confronts Australia in the third and final one-day international match, which will take place on Sunday in Rajkot, India’s objective will be to win the series 3-0. The match will take place in Rajkot.

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