India mourn WTC defeat, ponder phasing out misfiring stalwarts

India mourn wtc defeat, ponder phasing out misfiring stalwarts0

The loss that India suffered on Sunday during the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) highlighted the cricket-crazed nation’s lack of success in international competitions and cast doubt on the long-term prospects of its top-order hitters.

At The Oval, India’s much-touted top order failed them, and as a result, Australia was able to clinch a victory by a score of 209 runs and become the world champions of test cricket.

India, who succumbed to New Zealand in the first-ever final of the World T20 Championship in 2021, scored 296 and 234, respectively, over their two innings, but those totals were not even close to being sufficient to win India its first global trophy since the 50-over Champions Trophy in 2013.

The squad has “sustained failures on the big occasion,” according to the Times of India newspaper, which published an editorial on Monday with the title “Super stars flop yet again.”

“Is it time for a transition and the phasing out of some senior batters as India prepares for the next World T20 cycle, which will begin with a tour of the West Indies in July and August?”

The Indian Express remarked that the squad was “sleepwalking into the same old problems” after its loss in the 2021 World T20 final, which was recounted by the publication.

“It seemed like a rerun of an old movie, or a copycat with minor tweaks in the script, or a hastily cobbled-up sequel with the same arcs but different settings,” it stated. “It seemed like a rerun of an old movie.”

It was claimed that India had lost the “knack” for winning “a knockout match of significance” as a result of their elimination from the semi-finals of both the 2019 ODI World Cup and the 2022 T20 World Cup.

“The unfortunate truth is that India is a squad that is falling apart. It has to be rectified immediately so that the same mistakes don’t keep happening in an unending cycle of bad luck.

Sunil Gavaskar, a former captain, criticized the “ridiculous” shot selections made by the frontline batsmen, including Virat Kohli, who was out for 49 on Sunday after chasing a wide delivery. Gavaskar said that Kohli’s shot selection contributed to his downfall.

“That wasn’t a very good shot… Gavaskar said to Star Sports that the audience could inquire with Kohli on the shot that he played.

You needed a long innings, one that was over 100 runs long, in order to win the match, but how are you going to score so many runs if you play a shot that is that much outside the off-stump?

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