Football fans converge in Istanbul

Football fans converge in istanbul0

The city of Istanbul, which was the site of one of the most memorable Champions League finals in 2005 when Liverpool trailed by three goals in the first half only to produce a miraculous comeback and win on penalties against AC Milan, has reached fever pitch as it prepares for another captivating final — this time between Manchester City and Inter Milan. In 2005, Liverpool produced a miraculous comeback and won on penalties against AC Milan.

City supporters continued their celebrations in the hours before the championship game, chugging pints as the sun came out and the temperature climbed to 25 degrees Celsius.

Some spectators have spent hundreds of dollars to see the game, while others have shown up without a ticket in the hopes that they would be able to get one in time for the showcase event of European club football.

City, who have been craving European glory for a long time, are aiming for a long-awaited victory on the European stage. Inter pine for a time when they were at the height of their powers.

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