FIFA lifts ban on Sri Lanka after election pledge

Fifa lifts ban on sri lanka after election pledge0

The local federation said Tuesday that FIFA has removed the ban on Sri Lankan football as a result of guarantees that there won’t be any political meddling in the sport in the nation.

The suspension that was put in place in January has been lifted, according to a letter that the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) received from FIFA.

The FFSL’s plans to conduct new elections next month and guarantees from the sports ministry that the league would be free from meddling from the government were noted by football’s world governing body in a letter.

“FIFA and the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) will continue to monitor the situation until the elections on September 29, 2023,” the local board was informed.

The men’s team from Sri Lanka is rated 204th worldwide, while the women’s squad is 153rd.

In May, Sri Lanka was also placed on indefinite suspension by the rugby global governing body due to allegations of political meddling in the sport’s operations.

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