FIFA fines BFF

Fifa fines bff0

FIFA, football’s regulatory body, penalized the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for disciplinary violations. BFF issued a press statement confirming the happenings.

The sanctions were imposed in response to crowd disturbances during World Cup qualifying matches in October and November of last year.

The BFF media statement listed crowd indiscipline, the use of smoke flares, and supporters going onto the field to shake hands with players as causes. The regulating authority fined BFF 14000 and 11,250 Swiss francs.

Six players were carded in the World Cup qualifying match against Maldives on October 12, 2023, and an additional 5000 Swiss francs were added to the list of fines.

In a press statement, BFF advised spectators to keep discipline while cheering for Bangladesh on the pitch. BFF also said that more security standards would be used in the future to minimize smoke flares and crowd problems.

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