‘Easy to give up but only fighters emerge as greats’

'easy to give up but only fighters emerge as greats'0

Tamim Iqbal, the captain of Bangladesh’s one-day international team, came home to Bangladesh on Monday after receiving treatment for his back issue in the United Kingdom. After taking a week off from playing cricket, the athlete will go back to work on his recuperation.

Regaining his fitness will be the primary obstacle for the cricket player as he attempts to make his comeback to the team. There are still a lot of ifs and buts about Tamim’s return to the side. Tamim, the captain, will need to obtain clarity on the manner in which he wants to prepare himself and the team for the next Asia Cup as well as the World Cup. This will be another crucial thing for Tamim to do.

Khaled Mahmud Sujon, a former captain and the director of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), agreed with the thought that fitness would be the key for Tamim today. “First of all, any player, does not matter if it is Tamim or anyone else, it is important that he is fully fit,” Sujon said. “It’s important that he is fully fit.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Tamim is still one of the finest openers for Bangladesh, and all of us are aware of the significance that he plays in the squad. But if we are talking about the World Cup, you absolutely cannot risk having a guy on your team who is not in peak physical condition. There are 600 balls in the game, and you need to be on your toes the whole time. In spite of this, I am optimistic that Tamim will be able to heal from his injury and return to his previous level of play, which will be to Bangladesh’s advantage in major competitions,” Sujon remarked while he was speaking to The Daily Star yesterday.

While Sujon was more concerned with Tamim’s physical condition, the left-handed opener’s mentor and a notable coach named Mohammad Salahuddin placed more of an emphasis on the mental toughness that the player needed to demonstrate moving ahead.

“Listen, quitting is never a difficult option; yet, those who maintain their resolve in the face of adversity are the ones who go on to do great things. The vast majority of players in every league across the globe face challenges both on and off the field. However, just because you run into certain difficulties does not mean you should quit up. According to Salahuddin, “it is important for Tamim to think about his game, how he will score runs, and how he will gain the confidence back.”

It is not only about Tamim’s return to the field as a player; rather, a great deal will also rely on his abilities as a leader. His participation in the team selection process for the big events will also play a very important role in the events that will take place in the following days.

When it comes to putting together the team, it will be very important for the selectors, the captain, and the coach to work together on a game plan. According to Salahuddin, “it will be very important for them to be able to keep the outside noise or influence away from the selection process and instead base it on the facts and the strategies.”

On the national side, there are quite a few different areas in which the selectors have not yet figured out the answers to the problems. In light of the fact that the number seven spot in the batting order is still up in the air, there has been some speculation over the potential placement of Mahmudullah Riyad and Soumya Sarkar there.

Both Salahuddin and Sujon believe that when it comes to the management of a team, it is essential to put any personal preferences or outside influences to the side and focus exclusively on the requirements of the team and its game plan in order to choose the most suitable alternative from the pool of players who are now at one’s disposal for the next big competitions.

“It is very obvious that there will be arguments and dissatisfaction whenever a few people sit together to form the squad. This will happen whenever there are few people sitting together.” We quarrel and dispute with one another, but in the end, we keep it between ourselves since it is like a family. My biggest pet peeve is when information of this kind is disclosed to the general public. Sujon said that this was not a positive development for Bangladesh cricket.

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