Domestic violence case dropped against ex-Man Utd star Giggs

Domestic violence case dropped against ex-man utd star giggs0

Ryan Giggs, a former player for Manchester United, will not have to go back to court over domestic violence claims. On Tuesday, officials dropped the charges because his ex-girlfriend was “unwilling” to testify.

Giggs, who is 49 years old, was set to go on trial for the second time on July 31. Last year, he was on trial for a month, but the judges couldn’t decide what to do.

But the lawyer for the prosecution, Peter Wright, told the Manchester Crown Court in northwest England that there was a good chance the person would be found guilty.

He said that his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville had said she didn’t want to testify because the first hearing had “taken a toll” on her and her sister Emma.

“Since that’s the case, we don’t have any proof for counts one, two, or three. “This was not an easy choice to make,” Wright said.

Judge Hilary Manley said, “I’m going to formally find you not guilty on those counts.”

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