Djokovic reveals special connection with Kohli

Djokovic reveals special connection with kohli0

Novak Djokovic has spoken out about his particular bond with Virat Kohli, revealing that he has been in frequent contact with the Indian cricketer via text messages.

Djokovic, who begins his quest for an 11th Australian Open championship against Dino Prizmic, claimed in an exclusive with Sony Sports that despite not seeing Kohli in person, he has kept in contact with him throughout the years.

The Serbian star claimed it was a delight to hear Kohli talk so well about him and stated that he admires Kohli’s career and accomplishments.

Finally, a step into the unavoidable era?

“I’ve had that feeling for a long time. I only visited India once, around 10 or 11 years ago, for a two-day show in New Delhi. It was a short visit, but I intend to return soon to learn more about the country’s rich history, culture, and spirituality. I have excellent contacts with famous persons such as Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and many more. I’ve been texting with Virat Kohli for a few years, but we’ve never met in person. It was an honor to hear him talk so positively about me. “I admire his career and accomplishments,” Djokovic added.

During the interview, Djokovic expressed gratitude for being in his present position and fulfilling his goal. The Serbian star said that he had always hoped to achieve high heights in sports.

“I consider myself fortunate to be in this position, living my dream.” I’ve worked my whole life to be in this position and to be in the circumstances I’m in right now. As a 4-5-year-old child in Serbia, I dreamed of reaching the pinnacle of tennis, winning Grand Slams and creating history in this wonderful sport that has given me and my family so much,” Djokovic said.

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