Cricket fan Butler wants improved football in Bangladesh

Cricket fan butler wants improved football in bangladesh0

Peter James Butler is thrilled to take on the role of coaching BFF Elite Academy, and the UEFA pro-license holder is well aware of Bangladeshis’ love of cricket, a sport he himself appreciates.

The former West Ham United player, who came in Dhaka yesterday, met with players from the BFF Elite Academy at Birshreshtha Shaheed Mostafa Kamal Stadium.

When questioned about his early impressions of Bangladesh football, he said, “I spoke with quite a few people involved with Bangladesh football after being asked if I was interested in working there.” But I believe it is a rising nation. It’s a nation where I know people love cricket, and I love cricket since I’m from Yorkshire.”

“But, as you know, there is a strong passion for football, and it is encouraging to see the female squad progressing. But I feel that as long as there is a desire to study and establish a learning atmosphere, it is really essential for these young males and others who will follow them because it provides them with motivation and a chance to progress,” he said.

The 56-year-old has vast coaching experience in Africa and Asia, having led the Liberian and Botswana national sides, as well as Malaysian and Indonesian clubs. Butler expressed his pleasure at helping to the growth of Bangladesh football, describing himself as a firm believer in young development and discipline.

“Some may argue I am overqualified [for the position], but I disagree. I suppose you understand that you can learn something from everyone.

“I am a simple humble guy from Yorkshire, and I think if I can only educate the young players and pass on my knowledge and show these coaches and players another way of doing things, then development [in Bangladesh football] will carry on over my period,” said Butler, who has agreed to a one-year deal with the

During his first meeting with the academy players, the Englishman said that it is impossible to develop by 10 to 20 percent overnight, and that they should seek to remain in a learning environment, acquire fundamental knowledge, and remember it, or they would be replaced.

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