Concern grows as Tamim’s back issue flares up

Concern grows as tamim’s back issue flares up0

The back ailment that Tamim Iqbal had been dealing with had flared up again while the national squad was in camp, and he was given the day off due to the agony. Tamim’s back issue was still bothering him when he went back to practice with the Tigers yesterday, which was three days after he first experienced it.

Yesterday was not meant to be a day for Tamim to participate in any fielding drills, according to sources close to the squad. On the other hand, he concurred with Nic Lee’s recommendation. Tamim felt the agony in his back as he bent forward to get a ball that was near to the ground and was thrown by Shane McDermott. The physiotherapist for the squad burst in, but the left-handed player urged him to speak to the coaching staff that was there.

It looked that the conditions of the drills changed for Tamim, as he took a few high catches instead of ground fielding drills before he departed, experiencing understandably some soreness on his back. The fielding practice finished quickly as a result of this apparent shift in the circumstances of the drills.

After getting some rest for a while, Tamim went inside for a game of net. Again, after this, a carefully crafted net session followed, during which he instructed the throwers to make complete pitches. As a result of an unexpectedly long ball, one of the throwers was switched.

In addition, Tamim would play the pacers, Taskin Ahmed and Khaled Ahmed, with the instructions remaining mostly unchanged. It appeared as though he was at ease with flowing drives and full deliveries. Because of the ongoing back condition, he continued to experience agony whenever he was in a position that was even slightly elevated.

After moving in to play the spinners, he was hit by a pull shot from Mehedi Hasan Miraz, which caused him to draw up, wince in agony, and grasp his back. Since Tamim’s back issue has just flared up again, the management team is curious to watch how things develop when he participates in a training session.

According to Debashish Chowdhury, the chief physician of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), “We asked Tamim to go through the training session since we needed to know the extent of the pain when he bats.” Indeed, he complained of discomfort in his back and waist the day before.

However, this does not imply that it is feasible to predict whether or not he would participate [in the match against Afghanistan]. We are unable to determine at this time whether there is a danger. There are still three days remaining, and we are going to keep a close eye on him right up to the very last one before the match.

Due to Tamim’s absence, Mahmudul Hasan Joy and Zakir Hasan are likely to emerge as the leading candidates to begin the batting order. Yesterday, the two batted together on the practice nets, with Zakir facing a particularly fierce and energizing delivery from Ebadot Hossain.

Ebadot once stepped up in a great appeal, walking right up to the batter and turning to pace-bowling coach Allan Donald, who was standing in as the umpire and monitoring the events. Ebadot’s actions were observed by Allan Donald, who was viewing the game from his position as an observer. After a few seconds, Donald gave the signal for a review, which is comparable to the present injury worry over Tamim.

It is possible that the player and the management of the squad would wait until the last minute to decide whether or not playing him in the forthcoming test would be too dangerous.

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