‘City love the pressure’

'city love the pressure'0

Ruben Dias, a defender for Manchester City, remarked on the eve of Saturday’s Champions League final match against Inter Milan that his squad is full of captains who thrive under pressure. Inter Milan will be the opponent for the match.

When City plays the Italian team, they will be considered the favorites, similar to how they were in the same position when they faced Chelsea in the championship game two years ago, only to suffer an unexpected defeat.

This time City are even greater favorites to deliver, and Dias said that they will welcome the opportunity to finally capture the trophy that has proven to be so elusive since Sheikh Mansour began bankrolling City’s domestic domination in 2008. This time City are even bigger favorites to deliver, and Dias said that they would embrace the opportunity to finally grab the trophy that has proven to be so elusive.

He told the media, “We love the pressure, we love it, the pressure will make you run faster, jump higher, and be more focused, and that’s what these kinds of games need.”

“We have no choice except to accept it. We never forget to have pleasure in the experience, despite the fact that we are aware of how much it means to the team, the supporters, and our families.

Dias, a Portuguese defender, stated that the leadership skills of the team were a contributing factor in City’s successful pursuit of a domestic double, which included aggressively pursuing Arsenal in the Premier League and defeating Manchester United in the FA Cup final.

“During these stages, you may get a good look at the makeup of a squad. “You can see whether they want to move forward or starts hiding,” he added. “You can see whether they want to move forward.”

“Just like every other occasion, our crew will be there when we need them, and tomorrow will be no exception. Although we have five captains, any of us may act as a leader if necessary and is capable of taking charge if the situation calls for it. It is a unique quality that each member of our team possesses.

It is anticipated that City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne, an important part of City’s leadership group, would provide the ammo for Erling Haaland on Saturday, just as he has done during the season, during which time the Norwegian scored 52 goals in 52 matches.

When Belgian De Bruyne was asked if it was ‘love at first sight’ when Haaland joined the club, he responded, “No, I’m happy with my wife!” I really have no idea. There are moments when you get a sense with a player, and you just grasp what it is that he wants. This is something that I just cannot express.

“We just clicked really well with each other, and he just started scoring at an incredible rate,” said the coach, “and he’s settled in with the team, and he’s been important to us in different ways.”

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