Booters not confident of repeating 2018 feat

Booters not confident of repeating 2018 feat0

Bangladesh’s football squad is insufficiently confident to replicate their 2018 Asian Games record of reaching the Round of 16 in the football competition in Hangzhou. The football game is scheduled to begin on September 19.

In 2018, Bangladesh advanced through Qatar and Thailand to the next round, however in the elimination round, they were defeated 4-1 by North Korea.

Bangladesh is now competing against China, India, and Myanmar, the hosts, with the top two teams going to the Round of 16.

“Most of the players on the 2018 group, including myself, have experience playing for their country’s national team. There are a lot of novice players this time around who have participated in age-group events but haven’t been selected for elite teams. Before they leave in the early hours of Saturday, skipper Rahmat Mia had a press conference. “They are eager to prove themselves to get into the senior team, so we are looking forward to playing match by match and hope to get good results,” Mia said.

In agreement, head coach Jaiver Cabrera said that they will approach each game one at a time.

“We don’t want to announce our goals before the Games begin, but we are confident in this squad and we have prepared well. Our first goal is to ensure that we do well against Myanmar in the opening game. The players have been together for a considerable amount of time. Cabrera said, “We will have a decent chance to go on to the next round if we collect points from the first encounter.

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