Booters face acclimatisation concern in Australia

Booters face acclimatisation concern in australia0

Even though they’ve been in Australia for two days, the national football team’s boots are still having a hard time getting used to the cold weather in Melbourne. But they expect to be ready for Thursday’s game against Australia.

After a long 20-hour trip from Dhaka to Melbourne, Spanish coach Jaiver Cabrera’s players took some time to recover at the team hotel. Yesterday, they had their first practise with the ball at the Yarraville Glory Football Club site in Victoria.

Even though it was cold and windy, the red and green players worked on their technical and tactical skills to prepare for the 27th-ranked FIFA team, which had already played Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and England this year.

“All in all, the first day of training was a pretty good preparation day.” The weather has been colder than in Bangladesh, which is why we’re having some trouble. “But the coach wants us to get used to the weather quickly so that we can play well against Australia,” winger Mohammad Ibrahim said in a video message sent by the Bangladesh Football Federation.

Ibrahim went on, “Can’t deny that they [Australia] are one of best teams in the world, so our job is to spoil their attack as much as possible, and today [Monday] we practised how to form the defensive blocks against them.”

Captain Jamal Bhuiya also said that his team is having a hard time with the cold, but he is sure that everyone will be ready for the game against Australia.

It was great that the first practise for the whole team was held in Melbourne after only two days. “It’s cold here, but Tareq and I are used to it,” Jamal said.

As soon as possible, I think everyone would adopt because we have a game at 8 p.m. Everyone is sure of themselves and putting all of their attention on the match.

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