BFF’s investigative committee to ‘submit report within July 30’

Bff's investigative committee to ‘submit report within july 30’0

It is anticipated that the special committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), which was established over three and a half months ago in order to further probe the financial irregularities involving FIFA funding, will deliver its final report by the end of this month.

Previously, on April 14, FIFA issued a suspension against Abu Nayeem Shohag, the general secretary of the BFF, prohibiting him from participating in any kind of football activity for the next two years. The reason for the restriction was because the BFF used forged documents to explain payments made using FIFA funds.

As a consequence of this, the governing body of the local game established a special committee of ten people three days later in order to conduct additional research on the subject.

We are aiming to get our report turned in before the 30th of July.

“We sought some time from the BFF president [Kazi Salahuddin] because we could not sit due to my Covid-19 treatment abroad, Eid vacation, and the BFF general secretary’s engagement in a training abroad,” Kazi Nabil Ahmed, BFF vice-president and also the investigation committee’s chairman, told reporters after the committee held its ninth meeting at the BFF House on Monday. 

The meeting was the ninth meeting held by the committee.

Some of the BFF employees have been questioned after their initial meeting on May 7, but the primary suspect, Shohag, has not been called in for further investigation.The committee’s original deadline was 30 calendar days, but they later asked for two separate extensions of 15 days each.

“At this time, we are unable to provide any specific information; nevertheless, we are investigating everything on a field level. Everything will be in the report for you to see,” Ahmed promised, adding that the inquiry into the FIFA problem being conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports will not contradict their conclusions.

Ahmed went on to say that they would meet once again on Thursday, and that they had two more meetings scheduled for the following week.

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