BFF investigation committee finally puts forth findings

Bff investigation committee finally puts forth findings0

On Sunday, the special committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), which had been conducting further investigations into the financial irregularities involving FIFA funding, finally handed over its findings to the president of the BFF, who is known as Kazi Salahuddin.

After FIFA banned the then-BFF general secretary Abu Nayeem Shohag on April 14, it took the investigating committee, which was directed by the BFF vice-president Kazi Nabil Ahmed, almost three and a half months to bring up its conclusions. The reason for the suspension was the use of fraudulent papers to explain payments made by the BFF using FIFA money.

Since its initial meeting on May 7, the committee has had a total of 12 sessions, during which time some BFF workers have been interrogated. Two vice presidents have resigned from the committee, while another vice president has not attended any meetings. On the other hand, neither the primary suspect, Shohag, nor any other member of the BFF executive committee was called to testify.

After presenting the report to the committee, Nabil said that “the findings in the report have come through discussion with everyone in the committee, and we are satisfied with the work we did,” but he refused to divulge their conclusions. The report stated that “the findings in the report have come through discussion with everyone in the committee.”

Following the receipt of the study, Salahuddin communicated to the press that he would shortly convene a meeting of the executive committee to make a decision based on the findings of the investigation, as well as to consider whether or not the report should be made public.

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