BFF gives in to female footballers’ salary demand

Bff gives in to female footballers' salary demand 0

Bangladesh Football Federation agreed to raise the pay of the women’s national team by signing 31 players to contracts for the next six months and raising their pay.

In this case, the BFF president, Kazi Salahuddin, and the captain of the women’s team, Sabina Khatun, were at the BFF House to sign a contract.

Even though the numbers and terms of the deal were not made public, it was learned that 15 players will get Tk 50,000 each, 10 players will get Tk 30,000 each, and six players will get Tk 20,000 each per month.

At the moment, the BFF hostel is home to about 70 female players from age groups to the senior women’s team. Based on how well they do and how long they have been playing, the average monthly pay for a player is around $10,000. It is said that senior team leader Sabina Khatun can get as much as Tk 20,000 and as little as Tk 5,000.

In the past few months, the players have held a number of protests and skipped a few practices to ask for a raise in pay and other perks, such as food, housing, and sports gear. They had also met with top BFF officials several times and asked for a monthly pay of Tk 50,000, but their requests were not met.

Some of the players also took part in a local football event in Satkhira, which was out of the control of the game’s governing body because the players and the league were having trouble getting along.

It is hoped that both sides will stick to the deal, which would end the fighting that has been going on in women’s football for the past six months.

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