BCB not yet ready for revenue-sharing model in BPL

Bcb not yet ready for revenue-sharing model in bpl0

The sharing of money in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has often resulted in unpleasant debates between the Bangladesh Cricket Board and the media, and the BCB said today that it was not yet ready to implement a revenue-sharing mechanism in the league.

Several franchisees have maintained throughout the years that revenue sharing was essential to the survival of the financial structure and the BPL’s overall concept. The most recent is Comilla Victorians owner Nafisa Kamal, who repeated that the BPL’s most successful team would not return in the next season without revenue sharing.

“Revenue sharing is being discussed with relation to current arrangements. BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said on Wednesday that the company has always aimed for long-term success with BPL.

“The Sustainable BPL is about more than just the cricket board; it is also about the franchises. The income structures used as examples, such as T20 events or franchise tournaments, have a very high financial structural cap. Ultimately, we will not pursue that model because it will not be viable in terms of franchise fees and other financial variables that influence decision-making,” he said.

“Our model is incompatible with other franchise tournament models.” We arrange the BPL according on our model and market, and we are keeping to our earlier position. That is why we are not pursuing a revenue-sharing model, and we cannot consider it at this time in order to preserve and prolong the BPL model.” The BCB CEO added.

Nafisa further said that she has not been able to attend a BPL council meeting since 2015.

“We are optimistic that they (the Comilla Victorians franchise) would reconsider their decision to leave the BPL if we can sit down with them and speak about it. If there is a problem and someone wants to sit down with us, they are welcome. “We can take the suggestion into consideration and address the issue,” he stated.

The BCB CEO also said that if franchisees wish to switch to a new model with income sharing, that may be arranged.

“Of course, if the franchises are ready to follow that reference model (of revenue sharing), we can work that out,” Nizamuddin, the franchisee, added.

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