BCB extends help to ailing Mohsin

Bcb extends help to ailing mohsin 0

Mohammad Mohsin, a former captain of the Bangladesh national football team who is currently ill, has been guaranteed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board that he will receive all the necessary care.

The legendary goalie from the 1980s and 1990s who is now 60 years old has fallen on hard times, is suffering from physical illness, and is presently residing in Dhaka with his brother. His predicament became widely known to the public on Monday as a result of a piece that was published in a national daily, and as a result, BCB has stepped forward to offer its assistance.

When athletes from any sport in Bangladesh are facing difficulties, the Bangladesh Cricket Board is there to support them. The situation with Mohsin Bhai is quite similar, and the president of the board has become aware of it. According to BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury’s comments to media on the directive given by board president Nazmul Hassan, “He has instructed us to take measures to give him all the support.”

Nizamuddin reported that the board president has given instructions to provide the retired football player with whatever assistance that he may require.

“His family has not made a formal request for any kind of financial assistance. According to what they have indicated regarding his physical health, we would like to get him evaluated physically as soon as possible in order to address his medical problems. “We have also instructed our legal advisors to extend legal help to him regarding disputes over his land and property,” the CEO of the BCB said in his follow-up statement.

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