Batting rut, the cause for Liton’s reaction: Sujon  

Batting rut, the cause for liton's reaction: sujon  0

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) may have been attempting to maintain a stress-free environment for the cricket players, but controversy is still making its way into the World Cup squad in India.

After making a request to the security staff at the team hotel on Sunday asking them to remove members of the media and journalists from the premises, batter Liton Das found himself in the midst of a media maelstrom.
An apology from Liton was released to the press first thing on Monday morning. In a post that he made on Facebook, Liton admitted that he was unaware that there were so many members of the media waiting inside the hotel.

The topic of whether or not what Liton performed would have been justified by a minimal media presence was posed to the director of the team, Khaled Mahmud Sujon. In response, Mahmud expressed his regrets on behalf of the BCB team as well as the organisation. He made a veiled reference to the possibility that Liton’s response was a direct result of his lack of consistency with the bat.

We are going to make an effort to dine together, go out to the movies together, and do everything else together. In the end, the game causes more mental burden than physical stress (on players), particularly because runs are not being scored consistently. This is especially true given the situation. This presents a challenge. Therefore, I cannot say for certain whether or not that was the cause of his reaction. However, on behalf of the Bangladesh team and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), please accept our apologies for the situation. “I ask that you take it in a positive spirit,” Sujon said to the reporters today.

“You have the option of viewing things in a good or negative light. I am unable to provide an accurate description of the circumstances at that time. I don’t get the impression that Liton is a proud young man. He said to me, “Sir, I didn’t have a precise purpose for doing what I did. I was experiencing apprehension, which is why I made the statement. When your team is unsuccessful, it’s possible that negative thoughts start to creep into your head. They wish to keep themselves to themselves,” he went on to say.

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