An outcome of hard work, says jubilant footballers

An outcome of hard work, says jubilant footballers 0

In contrast to the previous two matches, which were played against Lebanon and Maldives, the Bangladesh dugout was lively, eager, and motivated before the start of the vital encounter against Bhutan in the SAFF Championship. The bench players and coaching staff shook hands with each other before the start of the contest.

The exhilaration and happiness nearly dissipated when Bhutan took an early lead with a lightning-fast performance following Bangladesh needed just a point against Bhutan to make it to the semifinals for the first time in 14 years. Bangladesh needed only a point to make it to the semifinals.

Rakib Hossain and Sheikh Morsalin scored for the men in red and green, giving them a 3-1 lead at the lemon break. Despite this, the men in red and green had a great comeback and went into the break with the advantage.

Rakib and the midfielder Mohammad Sohel Rana, who was being substituted, watched the action from the gallery and yelled loudly for their on-field teammates to halt rampaging Bhutan. Bhutan continued pushing to narrow the gap all during the second half. Rakib and Mohammad Sohel Rana were being substituted.

“Most people did not think that we would make it into the semifinals, but we have proven them wrong.” We are excited to learn that we will compete in the semifinals of the tournament. “Today we will celebrate it, and then we will think about the match against Kuwait,” the captain of the team, Jamal Bhuiyan, stated in the mixed zone.

“Overall, we played well in the last three matches, and we want to perform even better in the coming days,” added Jamal to the statement.

Tapu Barman, a defender for Bangladesh, viewed the qualifying as a significant development for the country’s football team.

“This accomplishment is the result of hard labor, and it is only possible because we have been working together as a team. I believe that the fact that we have maintained our unity throughout this competition has been a significant contributor to the fact that we have advanced to the semifinals.

Tapu stated that all of the players are exhausted after playing three matches in literally eight days and that they did not celebrate their success in the dressing room despite the fact that they are all genuinely thrilled with this accomplishment. “We all are really happy with this achievement,” Tapu remarked.

“We want to celebrate it by winning the semifinal,” the veteran defender added. “We have a lot to be thankful for.”

“This is something that has eluded us for the past 14 years: making it to the semifinals.” I count myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this team. According to Mohammad Sohel, “I believe that we will perform better in the semifinal because everyone’s confidence is growing with each match that they win.”

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